Travel grants

Travel grants are available to cover expenses to foster cross-institutional initiatives or attendance at events which may lead to outcomes which would benefit a substantial fraction of AALL members. The exact number of travel grants available in any one year may vary depending on advice from the AALL Treasurer.

Travel grants will normally be approved up to $1,000, unless the applicant can demonstrate a need for additional funds (e.g. travel to/from distant locations). Travel grants may be used for airfares, accommodation, registration, and other costs directly associated with travel to/from an event.

Application procedure
Email the completed application form to the Grant coordinator.

Selection criteria

Using the application form, outline:

  • your eligibility as a financial member of AALL at the time of the application.
  • how the travel will benefit to a substantial fraction of AALL members.
  • how you will disseminate the outcomes of the event/initiative to AALL members.
  • the costing of fares.

Selection process

Travel applications will be assessed by a committee of between 3 and 4 representatives from the current AALL executive.