Meet the Author

AALL members will have the opportunity to meet the author of one of the latest articles in the Journal of Academic Language and Learning in this series of professional conversations hosted by Rosemarie Fonseka and Leighana Thornton, NSW state representatives.

The author will open the event by setting the scene and providing an update on their work. Small group discussions in breakout rooms that follow will provide an opportunity for networking and discussion of the implications of the article for ALL practice. Finally, a Q&A session focussing on questions arising in the small group discussions will conclude the event.

Event 1 - 7 May 2021: COVID-19 induced change in higher education

The article for our inaugural event was COVID-19 induced change in higher education: reflections on rapidly transitioning a first-year undergraduate academic literacies unit from face-to-face to online. Authors Raelke Grimmer, Andrew Pollard and Nicola Rolls discussed their experiences of meeting challenges and maximising opportunities during this rapid transition.

This event was held online at 1pm AEST on Friday 7 May 2021 (find the time in my location).

Event 2 - 15 July 2021: Learning support literacy

The article for our second event is Learning support literacy: Promoting independent learning skills and effective help-seeking behaviours in HE students. Author John Hamilton discusses areas which may impact on student capacity to engage effectively with academic learning support and learning support practices that may inadvertently reinforce dependent behaviours in students.

This event will be held online at 1pm AEST on Thursday, 15 July 2021 (find the time in my location). Register using the form below by 8 July 2021.

Please read and reflect on the article prior to the event and be ready to engage in lively discussion.