Event grant

The aim of Event grants is to fund workshops or symposia which benefit AALL members and further the mission and goals of the Association. In particular, AALL is interested in Events which meet the following priorities:

  • focus on a theme that is linked to one or more of the current national Higher Education agendas (for example, access, inclusion, retention, transition, internationalisation, English language development, standards).
  • relate explicitly to Government policies and initiatives and the role that ALL professionals do and can play in relation to these.
  • bring together interested and key players (ALL professionals, others in the institution, invited high profile speakers on the identified theme) to showcase/workshop/discuss/plan what is – and what could be – going on in the institutions in that state/territory and the ways in which ALL professionals are and could be involved.
  • are ideally cross institutional (for example, involve collaboration across a number of ALL units in the state/territory).

Grant money can be used to:

  • reimburse applicants for expenses incurred in running the event;
  • reimburse applicants for justifiable travel and accommodation expenses associated with the event;
  • pay for the services of non-AALL members (e.g. the presenters of professional development workshops or guest speakers at symposia).

Grant money cannot be used to pay AALL members a personal fee for services rendered, but could be used to pay an AALL member’s unit for their time.

Application procedure
Email the completed application form to the Grant coordinator.

Eligible applicants

The principal applicant who applies for the grant must be a member of AALL, but non-members may be involved in the event supported by the grant.

Selection criteria

Using the application form, your application should include:

  • a clear and rational description of the activity, methodology and intended outcomes
  • how it meets the aim of Event grants and addresses the AALL mission and one or several of its goals.
  • a comprehensive literature review,
  • a detailed and realistic timeline
  • a detailed breakdown of the budget and justification of expenses to be incurred.

Additionally you need to demonstrate why institutional funding cannot be sought for the activity.

Grant conditions

  • Grants can be made out to either the principal applicant’s Unit or to the applicant themselves.
  • Receipts should be kept for all expenses being claimed for.
  • For any resources produced, the AALL logo must be included with all promotional materials, together with a statement that the resource is supported by AALL. (An AALL logo can be obtained from the AALL Treasurer,  OR from the AALL Public Officer)
  • If any publications arise out of the activity funded by the grant, the support of AALL must be acknowledged and publication in either the Association’s journal or on its website should be considered when appropriate. For quality assurance purposes for AALL supported publications, it is expected that all publications will either be refereed before publication (as in the case of a journal article), or submitted in draft form to a panel of experts convened by the Association for editorial scrutiny and feedback for self-published materials.
  • If a presenter is to be paid to present at the event, the copyright requirements of their materials need to be established (e.g. can those materials be forwarded to AALL members not at the event?).
  • If the event will be open to non-AALL members and the decision is made to charge the non-members for attendance, the workshop or activity hosts must agree to follow the record-keeping guidelines as set out by the AALL Treasurer. For example, a fee of $45 full day or $25 half day may be payable by non-members to the organisers who will issue a receipt on behalf of AALL. Monies collected are to be forwarded to the AALL Treasurer. If you do not consider that a fee should be charged to non-AALL members because of the nature of the workshop/activity or for some other reason, please identify these reasons in the Event description.

Once the funded event is completed:

  • a report on the outcomes/achievements must be presented to the Committee of the Association (see report form below);
  • this report must also include a reconciliation of all funds used and any unused portion of the grant must be returned to the Association.

Selection process

Grant applications will be assessed by a sub-committee of the AALL Executive Committee and chaired by AALL President, according to the following criteria.