Benchmarking learning adviser practice

Hello everyone and a Happy Friday to you

At UniSA we are benchmarking the Learning Adviser
practice with a view to changing the way we operate. So far I have spoken to:
. Gail Crasswell at ANU
. Nicola Rolls at CDU
. Kate Dorrington at QUT
. Jean Dawson at Curtin

I have asked these questions in my conversation with them:
* Number of staff
*LA staffing to student ratio
* What programs are you running?
*What model of operation are you using currently ie dropins, short appointments, workshops for credit, not for credit? For *Post Grads? For Undergrads?
*Are there any downsides to this way of working?
*What are the positives to this way of working?
*What evaluation methods are you using to evaluate the effectiveness of your teaching and programs?
*What thoughts do you have on how it could be done differently to maximise the effectiveness for the service?

I would dearly love to hear especially from LA staff at Multi campus universities. I know you are busy but a quick email or telephone call to 08 83023419 would be of enourmous assistance
Liz Horrocks

Re: Benchmarking learning adviser practice

hi Liz,

great initiative.
The answer to your first dot points can be found, across the country, in the 2 table available from the AALL website, at:

I assume you will share your findings on this forum?