heard of ndx note taking software??

I received the following eMail: (check out attached brochures)
I'm interested to know what this is about??

Dear Dr Barthel
I write to formally introduce ndxCards, our note taking software with its overarching focus on learning and productivity.
ndxCards uses the metaphor of an electronic index card and has many features to capture notes and ideas. It provides the user with freedom to organize notes by keywords, subjects, sources and authors. In addition to a variety of note cards for citation, summary etc, ndxCards contains flashcards for learning as well as an outlining tool for preparing essays and reports. ndxCards comes with powerful in-built search and filter functionalities.
In essence, ndxCards is an ideal tool for teachers and students to Record, Retrieve and Recap information and is password protected. The ndxCards software requires no installation and is available in an easy to use 1GB USB (thumb drive). It is flexible and portable and can be used in libraries and computer labs thereby making it easier for students who may not have a lap top.
Priced at the cost of a Text Book, ndxCards is of exceptional value and is available via the internet for a trial download or available for purchase on-line from www.ndxcards.com
I would appreciate an opportunity to meet you to exp