Inside Story: actual happenings

Just wondering if anyone is collecting real life 'stories' which might serve at some stage as evidence, to support our work? (I'm thinking, for example, of Kate Chanock's recorded experiences of a student trying to decipher the lecturer's written comments on an assignment, and also Kate Wilson's relating students' use of inappropriate strategies, both articles in 'The Missing Part of the Student Profile Jigsaw' ANU 2003.)

I'm offering to help collect it for AALL if there's no existing body of evidence, and people would like to contribute. I just think it might fill one of the voids between what people might think is happening, and what is really happening. (Especially if the format is individual 'snapshots' and quick and easy to read.)javascript:emoticon(':P')

I suggest items be made available with the email of the contributor attached, so any information gaps and vertification can be followed up. :?


what a great resource to have!