Tips for a successful application

These tips for AALL Grant applications are based on perceived weaknesses in previous applications:

  • The benefits of funding need to accrue to more people than just the applicant.
  • If you are applying for funding for a project which looks vaguely like it should be considered regular work, it is essential that you make a convincing case as to why your project should not be considered to be regular work which should be funded by your institution.
  • When explaining your costs, keep in mind that the review committee will be asking themselves: (i) Is this justified? Is there really no more cost-effective way of achieving the desired outcomes? (especially when applying for travel money) (ii) Is this something the applicant’s institution should be paying for or could be expected to pay for?
  • What is “obvious” and well-justified in your mind may not be so obvious to the review committee, so spell out your case please.
  • If you are proposing to do something similar to something has been done before anywhere at any time (i.e. not just prior AALL projects), it is essential to make a case as to why what you are proposing will make a worthwhile contribution to what already exists somewhere.
  • It might also be useful to look at some prior projects. See: Previously funded AALL Grants.

Good luck!