Seeking recommendations for a textbook on Academic Writing for Business

Hi all,

I’m working with the UWS Business School on a first year academic writing unit for Business students and am looking for an appropriate textbook for the unit. Ideally, I’m looking for publications which are collaborative projects between academic literacy and business academics, rather than a textbook written from one side only, as well as having s focus on essay writing and evaluating texts. A tall order!

Does anyone have any recommendations? They would be very much appreciated.



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recommended text book

strongly recommended and widely used in Business/Economics contexts:

'Morley-Warner, T., 2009, Academic writing is ....' published by AALL

for further details, sample chapter, how to order, etc., see:


Recomended text book


The School of Business/IT at CSU use C21 Communicating in the 21st Century (2nd ed) written by Baden Eunson, published by Wiley 2008. Australian. You can also get an online version. Is very good. Covers all aspects of communication (including essay writing) and contextualises to the future workplace. The author lectures at Monash. I think you can check details out online.

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Writing for business

In the Business School at the University of Adelaide I use Communication Skills by Bretag et al:

I have found, when looking for a textbook for the Business Communications course (Masters students) it is difficult to find the perfect all-rounder (we each have different bees in our bonnets) but with the right supplements in a small tutorial course book, you can take the discussions off into the directions you want. This book covers the main genres of writing -- essays, reports, and business genres such as letters, memos. The online resources include some 'mini-topics' for discussions and perhaps written tasks. Not a bad 'all-rounder', perhaps a bit light on text evaluation.



Just wanted to thank everyone for the suggestions and help, I've got a lot to look through now!


Developing academic literacy

Hi Lauren

Sorry for the delay in reply; I found your post on my return from leave.

We use Essential Academic Skills, by Turner et al. (2009) for our course Academic and Professional Skills Development, a first year course for all of our programs (most of our students are doing Commerce/Business programs). It is intended to develop academic literacy, so it may suit your needs.

Refer to the following website for information about the revised edition:
or request a copy from Oxford University Press. Alternatively, if you would like further information, you can contact the author, Kathy Turner at


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