LAs using technologies such as blogs, Youtube & wikis

I would love to start a conversation about the use of technologies such as blogs, Youtube & wikis. and find out what others are doing and how they are using these

At UniSA some of the Learning Advisers have been experimenting with using Youtube in blogs and using blogs to form Learning Communities. One way of managing this is a short, weekly meeting is held where people get together to add contributions. This in its own way forms a small learning community of LAs, librarians and discipline academics.

For example:
This blog has been created by Learning Connection staff at Mawson Lakes Campus and has had the result of developing of a Learning Community which includes (most importantly) the students. It is a great blog because it is interesting, colourful, up to date and dynamic
This blog was created to support the students in the Australian Registered Nurses Training Program (ARNTP)who are registered nurses who come to Australia and underrtake a 6 month course but have to do an Occupational English Test (OET)
This is an excellent blog which includes information from a range of people about writing in the Sciences. We hope to expand it across 2 campuses next year.

As I said it would be great to find out what others are doing

great blogs, UniSA

these are great examples of blogs. Well done UniSA!

LAs using technologies such as blogs, Youtube & wikis

Hi Liz

We are going to have a go at a wiki in 2008... everyone in the team is keen (well at this point anyway). We thought that it may build a community of learning...

My only concern is how to make it 'cool' - after all, how cool is academic writing? Laughing out loud How do you encourage students to join in?


Professional blog on ALL work and learning in Higher Ed

Hi -

The Learning Skills Unit at RMIT University Vietnam has a professional blog on topics and resources relevant to ALL professionals here:

Published posts every Friday - contributions should be sent to:

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