'Academic writing is ...' a new book published by AALL

dear colleagues,

many of you would be familiar with Terri Morley-Warner’s excellent publication: ‘Academic Writing is ... a guide to writing in a university context

The book was originally published by CREA, but it unfortunately went out of print a while ago.  I am pleased to announce that the Association for Academic Language & Learning (AALL Inc.) (www.aall.org.au), has published a new and fully revised edition of Terri’s book.

Academic Writing is ... ‘ demystifies many of the practices of academic writing for students in an Australian university.  This entirely new edition, the 1st in a series published by AALL, is an indispensable guide for any student undertaking university studies in Australia who want to develop their academic writing. Terri’s book covers the major types of academic texts and guides students through carefully annotated examples.  These are supported by a broad selection of strategies and easy to follow practical activities. 

As a teacher and lecturer with a wealth of experience and research in teaching academic language and learning across a wide range of disciplines and levels, Terri has applied her knowledge of complex theory in a creative way that is meaningful to students and sensitive to their needs, helping them to become better writers.

Many lecturers and students have long sought this new edition of a very popular book. I strongly recommend it to any student.

The book is available through the Co-op bookstores (RRP $34.95) - you may need your local Co-op store to order in copies


directly through AALL

  • AALL members: $34.95, including postage and handling
  • non-AALL members: $39.95, including postage and handling (within Australia)
  • AALL members wishing to purchase 10 or more copies: $32.95/copy, including postage and handling.

Please send orders to: aallbooks@yahoo.com.  AALL members need to quote the code sent to them by the treasurer to get the member's discount.

A sample of the book (including: table of contents, introduction, chapter 2) and a flyer for the book are attached.  Please forward this to anyone you know who would be interested in purchasing a copy of the book.