Representation for (re)invention

In response to the suggestion that in comparison to other educational developers, Language and Academic Skills (LAS) practitioners in Australian universities have been less strategic in addressing their identity and practice ‘to secure their place in the landscape of university work, [and] to reinvent themselves for securing future places’ (Webb, 2002, p. 14), this paper suggests that models of practice provide LAS practitioners with powerful signifiers around which they are able to (re)invent themselves in response to institutional agendas. Models of practice, however, must also be understood as historically and contextually contingent with both constraining and enabling effects and, therefore, require ongoing interrogation. This paper illustrates its points through a reflection and critique of two models of Learning Development practice at the University of Wollongong. Seeking neither to validate nor invalidate either ‘model’, the purpose of the paper is to highlight how learning advisers might be more strategic about how they represent their practice.

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Percy, Alisa
Stirling, Jeannette
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Critiquing and reflecting: LAS profession and Practice. Refereed Proceedings from the National Biennial Conference, ANU, Canberra; pp. 141-154
Milnes, Stephen
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