Promoting our work through publishing: A prolific and diverse bibliography of LAS publications

LAS advisers have fought for academic status for some years and although our conditions often do not reflect academic status, our work certainly does. Aside from our lecturing and other academic roles, the academic nature of our work is seen in the diverse range of types and venues of our publications. We have been published in refereed journals and conference proceedings and written scholarly books and book chapters in all the traditional academic forms of research, including practice-based, theory-based and those linking theory to practice. This paper briefly discusses the importance of continuing to publish as one way of ensuring academic credibility in our work. It is linked to a bibliography initially collated by Kate Chanock. Although the bibliography is by no means exhaustive, it contains an impressive and diverse assortment of publication forums and subject areas which show our work as inherently academic.

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Maxwell, Judy
Chanock, Kate
East, Julianne
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Unpublished paper presented at the 6th Language and Academic Skills Biennial Conference
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