The Missing part of the Student Profile Jigsaw: academic skills advising for Australian tertiary students from non-English backgrounds

This book focuses on one particular category of students, Australian students from non-English speaking backgrounds (ANESBs). With these students, we need to address their academic skills and learning needs within the context of second language issues, differing cultural backgrounds and differing educational experiences. Our task working with ANESB students on particular academic tasks is to explicitly address issues relating to the tertiary culture, the disciplinary cultures and the assumptions about what is expected. Such work is complicated by the ever present assumption of both students and academics that ‘English is the problem’, when in fact different factors could well be impacting on the students’ work – different understandings about focus, reasoning, research, attitudes towards knowledge and so on.[This publication aims]to provide insights into what characterises best practice in terms of providing the most effective academic and learning skills.

[The book developed out of a workshop held at The Australian National University in 2000, which brought together Academic Language and Learning staff from several universities around Australia.]The workshop centred on eight key areas: sources of information; sources of confusion; modes of delivery; technology; relations with students; relations with academics; and institutional issues. In each area, participants asked the questions: What needs to be known/changed/developed in order to improve the provision of academic skills assistance to ANESB students? The book includes contributions by Annie Bartlett, Kate Chanock, Margaret Cargill, Kate Wilson, Sandra Gollin, and Alisa Percy.

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Kate Chanock
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Canberra: Academic Skills and Learning Centre, Australian National University
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