Learning and the Net Generation: Are LAS advisers helping or hindering?

While university teachers are being exhorted to rethink their teaching in the context of diversity (Northedge, 2003), in this paper it will be argued that LAS practitioners need to reassess aspects of our practice in the context of new and emerging technology. Is the lecture still central and symbolic to the culture of learning at university (Benson, 1994) or are listening and note-taking antiquated means of gaining information (Ling, 1993)? Is note-taking merely a time-honoured institution (Todd, 1996) or is note-taking central to academic literacy (Badger et al 2001)? What impact is the new technology having on learning and teaching? To what extent are we complicit in the perpetuation of ineffective means of teaching and learning? In examining these questions it will be argued that we are in danger of being left behind by the new technology which may be making some of our current practices irrelevant to students’ needs.

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McKnight, Alex
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Critiquing and reflecting: LAS profession and Practice. Non-refereed Proceedings from the National Biennial Conference, ANU, Canberra
Milnes, Stephen
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