Leadership in LAS: Beginning a conversation

As a person new to the university and to the position of team leader of the Learning Advisers it has become clear that there are real challenges yet many potential opportunities for Language and Learning Advisers. Although there is an abundance of available literature on the roles, responsibilities and directions of LAS advisers across the nation to critique and reflect upon there appears to be none on the leadership of LAS. Therefore, the intention of this paper is to start a tentative beginning conversation about this. The paper looks at the role of leadership of LAS at a university in South Australia and identifies some of the practices that needed to be addressed at the beginning of my appointment. Two leadership theories are considered as potential operational frameworks, some initial actions and their limitations outlined. Tentative conclusions that could be drawn are that with leadership a team can be influenced, motivated, stimulated and mentored. The vision for the future should be based on the fundamental values and culture of Learning Advisers as part of the university but also reflect powerful personal motivators such as values, aspirations and hopes.

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Horrocks, Liz
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Critiquing and reflecting: LAS profession and Practice. Non-refereed Proceedings from the National Biennial Conference, ANU, Canberra
Milnes, Stephen
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