The LAS adviser’s role in supporting dyslexic students

While Language and Academic Skills (LAS) advisers play an
important role in the support our institutions offer to dyslexic students, there is considerable variation in our understanding of the condition and its implications for studying at university; in our arrangements for collaborating with other relevant staff; and in our opportunities to use what we learn from working with
dyslexic students to infl uence inclusive teaching in our universities. Rather than being trained to help dyslexic students with academic work, we are likely to be chasing information and strategies as the need arises. This paper argues that LAS advisers need to know more about dyslexia, both to inform our work
with individual students and to improve our institutions’ capacities to anticipate and meet the needs of a diverse student population.

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Chanock, Kate
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Critiquing and reflecting: LAS profession and Practice. Refereed Proceedings from the National Biennial Conference, ANU, Canberra; pp. 55-64
Milnes, Stephen
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