How can we handle the specificity of the writing challenges that face our students?

While composition is not taught in Australian universities, students are required to write extensively for assessment, mainly addressing questions in their disciplines rather than questions of personal or public concern. The challenge for academic language and learning centers, therefore, is how to help students to understand the purposes, structures, and styles of assignments in a range of disciplines, and to discern the commonalities and differences among them. This paper discusses how a learning centre in a Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences mediates diverse discipline expectations through one-to-one tutoring with students; collaborations with lecturers in the disciplines; and the implementation of an «Introduction to Academic Discourse» as part of the curriculum of first-year subjects across the Faculty. In all these modes of teaching, the aim is to make explicit to students the ways in which particular literacy practices stem from the disciplines’ project of constructing knowledge

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Kate Chanock
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Zeitschrift Schreiben: Writing in secondary school, college, and professional training
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