The First Year on Campus Learning Carnivale Conference

The First Year on Campus Learning Carnivale Conference | 5/5/2010
The inaugural Learning Carnivale was held on April 8th and 9th 2010 during the mid-session break. Initiated, organized and hosted by Learning Development, supported by faculty academics, senior students, URAC, the Faculty International Support Unit, The Library and The Centre for Student Engagement, Learning Carnivale was an event with affective, social, language and learning objectives.
Learning Carnivale was intentionally timed as a post orientation event falling within the first six weeks of university study and providing participants with support leading up to the event and post event via an e-Learning site.
The Learning Carnivale was designed to achieve a number of learning, affective and social outcomes that can be broadly grouped as transition and retention strategies for both domestic and international first year on campus undergraduate and postgraduate students.
Over 120 students registered to attend the conference. Registrations included a good mix of undergraduate and postgraduate students, both domestic and international, from a range of faculties. Actual attendances each day numbered approximately 30. While this was disappointing, it was not unexpected given that the conference was held during the mid-session break. Feedback from the University of Newcastle indicated that the numbers for Carnivale had exceeded an orientation 5-day ‘event’ that they had staged. Feedback from the students who participated in Carnivale and the senior students who acted as ‘buddies’ was very positive in terms of both learning and enjoyment.
Students are still active on the e-Learning site. 482 total user sessions were registered on the site between March 1st and June 7th 2010.

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