Email and the changing nature of the relationship and dialogue between staff and students

Email, as a cross fertilisation of face-to-face and telephone dialogue, postal mail and postcards incorporates advantages and disadvantages of these forms of communication and creates new possibilities and insecurities. An examination of the emails stored on my computer reveals: an increased level of intimacy assumed by some students; the conversational tone of our exchanges; instances of miscommunication; some levels of frustration; and the complex nature of some requests. Email related changes to our dialogue raise issues about the way we will work with students in the future. Issues addressed in this paper include: How informal should our language be? Do we need netiquette guidelines that specifically relate to our work? How do we improve our intercultural communication competency?

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Thomas, Robyn
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Adelaide; Student Learning Centre, Flinders University
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Refereed proceedings of the 2003 Biennial Language and Academic Skills in Higher Education Conference
Deller-Evans, Kate
Zeegers, Peter
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