Discussions of discourse: LAS and the disciplines looking at language together

Some of the most interesting writing about writing looks at the ways in which the language of disciplines represents – and misrepresents -- the process of making knowledge. Some of these insights may make us uneasy about our role, as teachers, in helping students learn how to cover their tracks with discourses that make the process of questioning, research, and reflection appear more purposive, linear, and objective than we know it to be. This paper looks at how the discourses work, what students gain and lose in the course of socialisation into academic discourse communities, and what teaching for empowerment might mean in this situation. It focuses on the role of teachers of language and academic skills (LAS), not just in mediating this process of socialisation for our students, but in working with their discipline tutors to make the discourse itself a focus of attention. Tutors who have learned the discourse of their disciplines by immersion are often interested in re-examining it from the perspective of a LAS teacher, and in sharing those insights with their students.

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Kate Chanock
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Melbourne; CeLTS, Monash University
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Proc. National Language and Academic Skills Conference: Language and LEARNING: The learning dimension of our work (pp. 66-76)
Glenda Crosling
Tim Moore
Sheila Vance
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