Write reports in science and engineering (WRiSE)

Contact person info
Name of contact person: 
Helen Drury, Pam Mort
Email of contact person: 
helen.drury@sydney.edu.au; p.mort@unsw.edu.au
Who are your partners?: 
Faculty staff
Educational development staff
What is the rationale for this practice?: 
Perceived need by ALL staff
Perceived need by faculty staff
Language proficiency initiatives
What support exists for this practice? (Institutional or other): 
Departmental strategic/operational plan
Faculty support
What restrictions are there on this practice? (Institutional or other): 
on going maintenance of site and support for making changes
If you have evaluated this practice, please select evaluation type(s): 
ALL unit administered student surveys
Focus groups with students
Usage numbers
Focus groups with staff
usage tracking
What are the strengths of this practice?: 

Students can access the site as required and according to their needs. WRiSE is freely available worldwide. The site includes resources to support students in writing discipline-based reports for assessment and includes discipine content material relevant to reports students are writing. The learning resources are based on authentic student writing. Audio resources of students and staff address the difficulties students encounter in the process of researching and writing reports and suggest strategies to overcome these.

What are the weaknesses?: 

Relies on faculty staff to promote the website and integrate it into their unit of study.

What improvements (if any) would you like to make?: 

Website needs to be embedded in students' units of study and aligned with their assessments. If possible parts of the website could be made compulsory.

What approaches/theories of language and/or learning underpin this practice?: 

Genre analysis and Genre pedagogy in the SFL tradition. Cognitive and Social semiotic approaches to learning design.

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