Research subject for credit RESH900/901

Contact person info
Name of contact person: 
Alisa Percy, Emily Purser, Bronwyn James
Email of contact person:
Who are your partners?: 
Faculty staff
Library staff
What is the rationale for this practice?: 
Perceived need by ALL staff
Perceived need by faculty staff
Perceived need by other department/s
High demand from students
Supports university obligations/initiatives
Language proficiency initiatives
What support exists for this practice? (Institutional or other): 
University strategic/operational plan
Teaching/learning management plan
Faculty support
What restrictions are there on this practice? (Institutional or other): 
If you have evaluated this practice, please select evaluation type(s): 
ALL unit administered student surveys
University administered student surveys
Focus groups with students
Usage numbers
What are the strengths of this practice?: 

discipline focused, small class size, on-line and in class activities, staged curriculum, work towards the production of students own research proposal

Other publications/products arising from this practice? (Not already included in previous question): 

Presentation to faculty/university

Paper based resources

Online resources

ALL Publication