Giving feedback on assessment tasks

Contact person info
Name of contact person: 
Joslyn Tait
Email of contact person:
Who are your partners?: 
Faculty staff
Educational development staff
Information technology staff
What is the rationale for this practice?: 
Perceived need by ALL staff
Perceived need by faculty staff
Supports university obligations/initiatives
First year experience initiatives
Language proficiency initiatives
What support exists for this practice? (Institutional or other): 
University strategic/operational plan
Teaching/learning management plan
Faculty support
What restrictions are there on this practice? (Institutional or other): 
If you have evaluated this practice, please select evaluation type(s): 
Focus groups with staff
What are the strengths of this practice?: 

Feed-forward and feedback model for professional development of academic staff.
Interactive - lecturers can test their assumptions and approach to feedback.
Complements the communication skills rubric staff resource.
Makes lecturers' feedback to students more meaningful and useful.

What are the weaknesses?: 

Need to increase staff take-up; Requires more institutional support.

What approaches/theories of language and/or learning underpin this practice?: 

genre theory; cultural competence, internationalisation of the curriculum; socio-cultural literacies; academic literacies

Other publications/products arising from this practice? (Not already included in previous question): 

Presentation to faculty/university

ALL Publication