Bachelor Engineering integration into core subject

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Name of contact person: 
Bronwyn James
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Who are your partners?: 
Faculty staff
What is the rationale for this practice?: 
Perceived need by ALL staff
Perceived need by faculty staff
Language proficiency initiatives
What support exists for this practice? (Institutional or other): 
Teaching/learning management plan
Faculty support
If you have evaluated this practice, please select evaluation type(s): 
University administered student surveys
comparison of pre and post test scores for students attending addtional language workshops
What are the strengths of this practice?: 

This subject is a second year core project based subject in the BEng degree program. ALL academic has worked with subject co-ordinators over several years. Communications, team work and graduate qualities are the focus and are addressed within the main lecture strand through a variety of learning activities. The focus is on communication about the project to a group of venture capitalists. An early language diagnostic test is also used in the first few weeks. This test is subject specific. Students scoreing below a certain mark are advised to attend additional language classes which focus on the language and genre needed to produce a report in this subject. Approximately 70% of students who are advised to undertake the additional work do so.

What are the weaknesses?: 

The only weakness is that the additional language classes run for only 4 weeks

What improvements (if any) would you like to make?: 

none for the moment - we have adapted aspects along the way in repsonse to student input and the refelctions of both the subject co-ordinator and the ALL academic

What approaches/theories of language and/or learning underpin this practice?: 

genre, academic literacies, literacy as social practice

Other publications/products arising from this practice? (Not already included in previous question): 

Paper based resources

Online resources

ALL Publication