Peer feedback on writing: is on-line actually better than on-paper?

This paper evaluates peer feedback given in parallel writing classes using an on-line Blackboard® closed blog, and a face-to-face on-paper environment. The feedback responses were coded using a modified Faigley & Witte taxonomy (1981), incorporating the hedging/mitigation elements from Ferris, Pezone, Tate and Tinti (1997). Quantity and type of responses differed significantly in many ways, with more surface proof-reading type feedback in the paper environment, a slightly higher level of macro-structure comment in the blog environment, a much higher level of affirmation and mitigation of revision comments on the blog, plus significant style and register differences. Attention must also be paid to interpersonal issues raised perhaps due to the overlap of classroom technologies with social communication media.

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Ellis, Josephine
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Journal of Academic Language and Learning, Vol. 5, No. 1, pp. A88-A99
ISSN: 1835-5196
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