EAP essentials: A teacher's guide to principles and practice

Book Review by Jack Bowers, Academic Skills and Learning Centre, ANU

Those laudable aims – that resources be practical, grounded, realistic and skills-based – are
achieved handsomely in EAP Essentials: A teacher’s guide to principles and practice. As a
‘how to’ manual, EAP Essentials identifies some key concepts: course design, building specific
skills for an academic context, and pathways toward student autonomy. What is especially
encouraging in this book is its clear, focussed and thorough explication of the many skills
required for the successful student at a tertiary level; even practitioners of study skills for native English speakers would find much of this material useful. Each chapter includes reflexive questions on relevant topics which require the reader to engage fully in the learning process and to develop his or her own skills base. The book includes a CD of classroom materials which are suitable for adaptation to a range of contexts. As a grounding in the skills needed to teach EAP, this book indeed covers the EAP Essentials.

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Alexander, Olwyn
Argent, Sue
Spencer, Jenifer
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Reading: Garnet
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Journal of Academic Language and Learning, Vol. 2, No. 1; pp. B1-B2
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