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ALL practice and research database: sharing practice and research beyond the boundaries of our institutions.

This database allows for a dynamic sharing of practice and research that has many potential applications. The database positions Academic Language and Learning (ALL) educators to be able to respond to the questions: ‘What do ALL educators do and what research is produced by and informs ALL practices?’

The database is an outcome of two earlier projects funded by the Association for Academic Language and Learning (AALL). In 2008, RMIT University began the process of establishing a database for research conducted by ALL advisers on topics related to ALL practice. This research is published in a number of places making it difficult to locate. In 2007, the University of Wollongong developed a website and database for the Towards Benchmarking ALL Practice http://aall.org.au/AALL/index.html project based on information provided by 33 of the 39 Australian universities contacted. The information captured for that project provided a first snapshot in time of ALL practices.

The earlier RMIT University and University of Wollongong projects have been combined to create the current database, which is user-friendly, updatable, searchable by practice or research and provides a practice reporting function.  The database fields draw on previous projects and were further amended following feedback from the ALL community at the AALL 2009 conference.

The resulting combined database is a resource that allows ALL educators involved in Higher and Further Education in Australia and internationally to share practice and research beyond the boundaries of our institutions.  The combined database is the work of Dr Judy Maxwell from RMIT University and Dr Bronwyn James from the University of Sydney. Technical design was provided by Bean IT.

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To cite this database: James, B., & Maxwell, J. (2012). ALL practice and research database: Sharing practice and research beyond the boundaries of our institutions. The Association for Academic Language and Learning: http://www.aall.org.au/aalldb

The database model, the data entry sheets, and field names are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

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