In 2005, the Australian academic language and learning profession voted overwhelmingly in favour of forming an association. Having formed, the strength of the Association for Academic Language and Learning lies in the combined knowledge and skills of all its members, not just those who formally sit on committees. What the Association achieves in the future, and how it does so, rests on the active commitment of its members.

Who can become a member?
What benefits do members receive?
How are membership funds spent?
How can I contribute to the Association?
New members' roundtable

Who can become a member?

AALL membership is open to academic language and learning skills professionals working in tertiary settings - national or international. There are two rates of fees:

  • Standard Membership: $110.00**
  • Casual/Part-time Staff/Student/Retiree Membership: $70.00**
1. Amounts are in AUD Dollars.
2. Amounts do not include GST as AALL is not registered for GST and is not required to do so.

Membership application is via an online system

If you have any questions about AALL membership, please contact the AALL Treasurer:

Joseph Yeo
T: (02) 9514 9255
University of Technology Sydney

What benefits do members receive?

AALL Membership benefits


  1. Facilitated communication and collaboration among AALL members through fora for the discussion of policy, practice and research, especially through channels such as Unilearn, the AALL website, the AALL electronic journal and the Association's state-based affiliates
  2. Professional work towards institutional environments which provide the highest quality of learning experiences for all students and for all staff
  3. Professional support for the development of core, disciplinary academic language and learning skills and attributes in all tertiary education students
  4. Professional fostering of the recognition of the academic nature of the work of language and learning development through individual and collaborative research within and across tertiary institutions nationally and internationally, supported in part by a dedicated electronic journal produced by the Association
  5. Promotion of quality, diversity, internationalisation and flexibility in language and learning development
  6. Associate Membership with the Association of Tertiary Learning Advisers of Aotearoa/New Zealand.
  7. Development and use of publications and conferences to inform the wider academic community about the philosophies and practices of language and learning development in tertiary education, and
  8. Lobbying support on issues relevant to AALL members.

AALL Conferences

  1. Subsidised $20.00 discount on AALL Conference registration.
  2. Subsidised travel expenses of 'remote' (from the conference) AALL members who cannot get funding from their own institution.
  3. Sponsoring a first time conference attender who cannot get institutional funding.
  4. Co-funding with AALL conference convenor of the travel expenses of keynote speakers.
  5. AGM refreshments

International Memberships

AALL in partnership with ALDinHE, ATLAANZ and LSAC have established the international consortium ICALLD. As a current member of one of the aforementioned associations, you are entitled to free affiliated membership with AALL. To apply:

  1. Send an email to the AALL Treasurer ( with proof of your current membership (e.g. membership payment invoice)
  2. Upon verification of your current membership, the AALL Treasurer will send you the link to register (or renew) your free affiliated membership with AALL.


  • Your affiliated AALL membership is free IF you have a current membership with one of the above-mentioned organisations.
  • Your AALL membership will be valid for one year from 1 Jan to 31 Dec.
  • You will receive a system-generated membership renewal email towards the end of your membership period. You will then be asked to go through the above 2-step process again.
  • You will be entitled to all the AALL member benefits, except for access to AALL travel and research/resource development grants (unless you are in a joint application with an AALL member).

How can I contribute to the Association?

  1. Provide a professional development workshop
  2. Review for the AALL Journal
  3. Attend and present at regional and national AALL for a
  4. Provide feedback on the AALL Association website
  5. Make suggestions on how AALL might better foster the professional development of its members

Provide a professional development workshop

You can contribute by fostering the development of the AALL profession through holding a professional development workshop. Such a workshop might be on areas such as: conducting qualitative research; applying for grants; developing multimedia learning packages; designing e-learning materials.

Members who believe they are qualified to run such a workshop should read the AALL Grant Application Guidelines. If you have any particular queries, contact Alex Barthel.

Note: for legal reasons, payment for such workshops is limited to expenses incurred and cannot include a personal fee.

Review for the AALL Journal

If you are willing and interested in being a reviewer for the Journal please register your reviewing interests by clicking on REGISTER at the top of the page and filling in the form.

Your reviewing interests may include, but are not limited to:

  • Learning in qualitative subjects
  • Learning in quantitative subjects
  • Disabilities
  • Transition
  • Writing in and across the disciplines
  • Applied linguistics
  • Speaking skills
  • Assessment and evaluation issues
  • International students
  • Higher degrees
  • ICT
  • Academic integrity, plagiarism
  • e-learning

New members' roundtable

Through the John Grierson Grant, AALL holds a New Members' Roundtable at its biennial AALL Conference.

The New Members' Roundtable is designed to introduce new members to each other and to the profession, and to provide a forum for an introductory discussion of issues relevant to AALL professionals.

If you would like to find out more, contact