Recording now available for Connect. Inspire. Share. #1 on 13 March 2024


Services across ALL Centres: panel presentation on how services work at a range of universities

Our first session of ‘Connect. Inspire. Share.’ professional development series on March 13 was a panel session with a focus on how we work at different centres around Australia.

We asked a range of questions to panel reps from five institutions around Australia about how their AALL services work and invited contributions and questions from webinar participants. We got a sense of how some Centres do things, how they operate, how we might be similar and different and perhaps even give impetus and ideas to institutions about possible changes they may want to make.

We focused on 4 broad areas:

  • How are you organised/situated in the institution?
  • How are 1-1s conducted by your team?
  • How are workshops conducted by your team?
  • How are resources developed/organised by your team?

Find the recording in the Connect. Inspire. Share. catalogue